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Breathe Easy Sanitizing empowers organizations to provide and

protect their clients and customers with safe and sanitized

environments to serve their needs. Our Team has over 45 years of 

experience specializing in infection control. We have provided support as Front Line Workers giving aide and preventing the spread of infections. We have a unique and experienced perspective of how to fight the spread of disease.

Modern Office


Our Company solely deals in Infection Control. Unlike others in our field, this

is not an add-on service. It is the only thing that we do - prevent the spread of disease.

Our experience, focus and purpose is sanitizing.

This means we exclusively aim to give the best service possible in the industry.


Our Mission at Breathe Easy Sanitizing is to Promote Safe Environments, Outcomes and Instill Confidence in the Populations we Serve. One by Using Only the 

Safest Most Environmentally Conscious Products Available, two developing new methods of delivery systems and three, creating a mindset of assurance within the populations we service


1.  INTEGRITY - A Commitment to forthright, honest communication in all of our encounters

2.  COLLABORATION - An unyielding commitment to consistent teamwork in order to achieve collective goals

3.  ACCOUNTABILITY - As a Company and as Individuals, We Accept full responsibility for our actions and the associated outcomes

4.  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Providing the right tools, training, and support

for professional growth

5.  LEADERSHIP - Displaying the passion to exceed expectations in all that we do 

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